Completed Programs

Programs We Have Completed

We are proud to have funded the following projects:

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 12.56.23 PMRainbow Street

The Empowerment Plan                                  Rainbow Street     


A Cure For Forster                                                      Ride For Lives


Mind Leaps

Creative GrowthPie-RanchHabitot

Creative Growth Art Center                   Pie Ranch                      Habitot Children’s Museum

Avon-Walk-For-Breast-Cancerpdf2previewSt. AnthonyRichmond

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer    Crescendos Alliance    St. Anthony Foundation    Blue Frontier


Loved Twice                           City Slicker Farms                            Pogo Park

The Bread Project                   Siyaphambili Village                   Go Green Initiative

Waterside Workshopspdf-5

Potential Energy                   Waterside Workshops                          Vida Verde